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What is live sabong?

Live sabong is a traditional sporting event in the Philippines that dates back centuries. Two roosters are placed into an arena with their handlers and then watch as they fight each other until one of them gives up.

All the player has to do is to bet on what you think is the winner. For example, if bettors predict that a particular rooster will win over another rooster and have placed a bet, they will be entitled to receive monetary rewards or prizes depending on how well their pick ranked compared to other players’ choices.

How online sabong works?

Online sabong or eSabong is a regulated gaming activity under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Unlike its traditional counterpart, the eSabong is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Many gaming operators have been incorporated with PAGCOR so that their online gaming services can be legally operated and run in the Philippines.    

How to play online sabong?

In order to win a bet in online sabong, the prize money is won by guessing which bird will win a fight given by two birds. To win a bet in online sabong, it is important to know the basic rules, type of wagers and even some betting tricks that you can use. You can check our list of the most common online sabong betting tips here.

Sabong’s basic rules

Sabong is a traditional Filipino betting with origins in the Visayas region of the southern Philippines. Similar to its boxing counterparts, fights take place in three stages: The ulatan, the ruweda, and the fight itself.

  • Ulatan – The ulatan is the pre-fight faceoff, information about team and opponent size, height, weight and other things. Blades or knives are also attached to the birds’ legs at this stage of the game.
  • Ruweda – The ruweda, or introduction of the birds, is the last step in preparing for the fight. It involves flushing out both animals from their pens to allow betting and evaluating by spectators. The birds are brought into the pit by owners, who hold their animals while they receive bettors’ assessments of their fighting prowess and temperaments.
  • Fight – Sabong is a traditional Filipino gambling sport where two roosters fight in a ring behind one another, with their handlers advising them on what to do. The idea is that the birds will chase each other and peck at each other’s feathers or legs until an actual wound occurs—which will prop up the odds for gamblers who bet on the wart round of the bout.

Online sabong betting tips

  • Understanding the strengths of each player

In online sabong, your aim is to confidently choose the winner of the fight and make money. To do this you have to have a good understanding of each of the birds in a fight and their strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your rival.

  • Watch the game for free

Online sabong is a betting game where bettors predict which bird will win. If you are inexperienced with sabong, or want to learn the rules before investing money in something, then playing some games for free as a practice is always helpful and beneficial. You can watch the game for free and get familiar with all the rules before you decide whether you want to bet or not.

  • Raise you bet steadily!

The most important thing while betting is to understand which pot size will be the best according to you. In this case, it is better to make a research about that before making any decision. It is advisable to bet small amounts at first, and then increase the amount of bets when you have more experience and knowledge of sabong.

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